Christmastime…Neiman’s & Target

Neiman’s at Christmastime is one of my favorite places.  Of all time.

 I love their downtown Dallas location; they put up their huge Christmas tree in the make up department and decorate the whole store.  I just want to live there.

But now, Neimans will be walking distance at Target this holiday season. NM recruited 24 American designers to create gifts for the discounter between $8 and $500.

Band of Outsiders, Alice+Olivia, Lela Rose, Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, Tracy Reese…

I am so excited!  


{Alice & Trixie Cape; Alice+Olivia Sweater}

Oh Texas.

I feel as if we never really have a Fall season so one goes from dressing from sandals to heavy(ish) coats.   I found an easy solution; I have this fabulous camel hair caplet (The Boyfriend doesn’t get it,”there are no sleeves?”) that I think is perfect.

Light weight and goes with everything (or so I think).

Problem solved.

Fashion…Leather Shorts again

{sweater Alice+Olivia, shorts Cynthia Steffe}

I bought this sweater at a fashion show at Neimans about four years ago and have yet to wear it.

Now these shorts…sometimes leather just doesn’t work on people.  There is a friend of mine who I work with that always looks amazing in leather.  When I try, not so much.  I put these on and I hear The Boyfriend from the other side of the room, “oh, you are trying that again…”

I think I will stick with my standards~ chiffon, lace and cashmere.

Leather?  No thank you.