a new year, a new kitchen…

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I love to cook and that’s where we keep the wine.

And in the new house, fortunately we had the ideal lay out for a kitchen, open with lots of counter space, but unfortunately it wasn’t much to look at and smelled like it was last cleaned thirty years ago.


The tile had seen better days (that grout probably started out white) and for some reason the previous owners had installed a ceiling fan instead of overhead lighting.  Poor choice, I’d rather be able to see what I’m doing while wielding a knife than having food air blow all round me.

So we went for a very clean look, white subway tile with dark grout paired with the most amazing black and white granite.  And seeing as the appliances were so old, half of which we couldn’t identify (what the hell is a trash compactor?), we opted to replace them with stainless and found a matching overhead light for the island.kitchen : nook

Originally the kitchen was the one room in the house I wasn’t going to have to do any work, but then our painter (who spent more time smoking than painting) stopped showing up about halfway through.    Which is probably for the best, he was painting the same time the demo people were using a jackhammer to rip up floors (I can’t imagine where the contractor found these people) and pink dust coated all the wet walls.

Remodeling is so fun.    

kitchen 1

 And I’m pretty sure the painter stole my sunglasses.  Joke’s on him, they’re prescription and I’m blind.  Good luck seeing out of those bad boys.