pink lemons exist…let’s drink them

After what has been years in the making, my pink lemon tree has produced one pink lemon.

So here’s my lazy girl’s guide to a great drink.


{cocktail glasses – Anthropologie}

Gin: quantity?  I’m no bartender but my pour is usually dependent upon the day I’ve had.

Squeeze of pink lemon: odds are you probably don’t have a pink lemon, but fortunately for you, a pink lemon tastes exactly like a regular lemon.  Which is kind of a let down when you own a pink lemon tree.

And since I had no mixers, we’re a pretty wine and scotch focused household around here, I topped off with a can of Lacroix, berry flavored to be exact.  Gotta use what you got.


And voila.  This lazy girl’s summer cocktail.

Give my tree another couple years and we can have another round.

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