vintage cocktails and long evenings…

Trips back home to Texas usually involve a cocktail or two (four).


I come from a family of cocktail drinkers.  And wine drinkers.  So I could reduce my first sentence down to just ‘I come from a family of drinkers’ but that sounds slightly dysfunctional so I’ll stick with the original assessment of cocktail drinkers.

I remember going to my grandparents house where we would have cocktail hour(s) before dinner and when cocktail hour(s) was up, my grandmother would stand up (with her Manhattan in hand) and say “ok, I’ll go start dinner”.  Two hours later we would finally eat. They were long evenings.  That usually ended with glasses of port and sherry. Like I said, looong evenings.

imageBut all this led to my appreciation of all things cocktail related.  My sterling silver Jefferson cups, that I religiously serve mint juleps in every summer, came from my father’s grandparents.  My handmade lace napkins that I shove in everyone’s hand when they get a drink to which they promptly put back down on various surfaces around my house came from my mother’s grandmother.

So while drinking cocktails is fun (rarely is it not but we’ve all been to that one cocktail party that went south fast) sometimes it’s the memories that add to the evening.

Last night my evening began with GinGin Mules from my favorite cocktail book and ended with friends (and a bottle of Voigner).

So…now where to watch the saints game at noon.  But most importantly, what to drink?


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