operation bar…

One of the aspects of the house I looked most forward to updating was the bar.  It has the ideal set-up, gorgeous glass shelving and a wrap around frame perfect for entertaining.

What I didn’t care for was absolutely everything else about it.



The cherry wood and glass cabinetry just screamed ‘dated’ to me.  Oh and and corian.  I wanted to create something modern and slightly masculine.  So I went with the stark contrast of light and dark.

Since pink carpet was clearly not going to go with the masculine theme I had going in my head, we had it replaced with dark hardwoods.  To compliment those, I stained the cabinetry super dark, which equals two weeks of my life I won’t get back.

I think after this house, if I ever stain something again it will be because someone is paying me a ridiculous amount of money or that someone is holding a gun to my head.

After staining, I decided to not reapply the glass cabinet doors.  I like a more open concept.  I also like all my liquor easier to get to.


Then for the walls, as much as I loved the natural grasscloth, it was bleached in spots and desperately needed to be painted.  Everyone fought me to remove it completely and I think if anyone hears “but grasscloth is back!” come out of my mouth one more time they might lose their minds.

But honestly, grasscloth is back.

bar 4

And in the end, although I won ‘Grasscloth Battle 2014’, the victory was short-lived.  Then it then took me four days to paint (two coats primer + two coats paint).  Oh, and you have to paint it horizontally.

Dear God, it took me eternity.

bar 3

And the final addition, which happens to be my favorite addition, was the granite counter top.  Since the room was a combination very dark and very light, I wanted a little pop of color.

But the most important thing I learned was, it doesn’t matter what makes granite or stain you choose for your bar, what matters most is what you store inside of it.

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