to my never ending summer…

Thank goodness I moved to New Orleans because I think summer ends in mid December.  That’s about when the temperature drops to around a cool 65.

hammock- pinkBut in the warmer, sunnier meantime, I found the perfect backyard accessory.

Handmade in Nicaragua, these hammocks are hand crafted by a family who have been doing this for decades.

hammock- purp

{TCU hammock}

hammock- white

Hammocks make me nervous, like a dog on an elevator type situation.  A little too gravity defying for my tastes.  There’s always a concern about a hammock suddenly deciding to drop me to the hard ground.

But these woven, 100% cotton styles can each hold up to 450 pounds or three people (sounds like three pretty large people sitting in a hammock together).

So my fear has been abated.

sleepie nico

So maybe I can finally get this guy to stop jumping up on the bed and jump on a hammock.  Fortunately he’s only 40 pounds, so he and I can invite 10 of our friends to join us for cocktails on our new hammock.  Maybe we’ll invite President Kitty if everyone is feeling amicable.

Oh and they’re only $45-80.  I’ve been looking for a new dining room table, so maybe this could be a cheaper seating alternative to the mid-century modern chairs I’ve been eyeing.

I’m thinking pink.  Obviously.

Maria Hammocks

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