A Need of Neons…

zara- neon

{zara ~ neon pink tote, $50}

After going blonde, I tried to minimize my intake of bright colors.  I started to notice I can look a little barbie doll-esque, what with the neon pink dresses and bright sandals.  A look I wouldn’t hesitate to wear with my former brunette locks.

YSL- neon

So I decided baby steps might be the right approach.

{yves saint laurent- baby sac du jour, $2,200}

lulu guinness- neon

{lulu guinness- perspex lip clutch, $390}

It started earlier in the year with a pair of bubblegum pink suede wedges.  I live in Texas (us ladies love us some bright colors) so not pairing those with another intensely hued dress has been hard.  Very hard.

But last week I went shopping to relieve a bad mood (probably not the best behavior, but honestly who cares, it was needed) and almost bought a pair of neon pink Charlotte Olympia terry wedges.  Justifying two pair of neon pink wedges is hard.  Again, very hard.

I seriously need someone to monitor my extra-curricular activities.

 rebecca minkoff- neon

{rebecca minkoff- mab mini tote, $190}

Anyways, I’m now thinking in the direction of neon purses.  I’ll have to work on reining in my desire to wear with all my other colorful pieces since my end-goal is not to blind people.

And as The Boyfriend informed me when I bought my last little neon pink cross body (forgot about that little gem sitting in my closet never worn…), ‘a little neon goes a long way.’

Well, he’s an attorney not a stylist so he can keep his opinions to himself.

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