Pumped up Kicks…

I woke up this morning, fired up my laptop to work and was informed by Neimans, via Facebook, they think I need these sneakers.

valentino kicks

{Valentino Rockstud Camo-Print Sneaker}

Yes, I agree with them.  I do need those sneakers.

Actually, I don’t need those sneakers, I want those sneakers.  I’ve mentioned before, The Boyfriend has been attempting to teach me the difference between the whole need/want scenario for about five years now. I wish him good luck with that.  It’s been an ongoing work in progress.

valentino kicks 2

It seems kind of funny someone at Neimans is suggesting to Facebookers they need a $800 pair of sneakers.  I would imagine that’s a rather small niche market.

But like I said, I really need these tennies.

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