Interiors…The Bar

bar areaI recently moved, and oddly enough, even as the movers were bringing things in and carting the unwanted back out, I decide it was a good a time as any to set up my bar area.  Because, God only knows, when you’re moving, you need a drink.

bar cartI collect vintage cocktail glasses, focus on mid-century, and have amassed quite an assortment.  And, as I learned when moving, I have too many books.  Actually, what I really learned when moving was I have too many things in general.

But since we were moving, I donated probably hundreds of books (did I really need two Twlight books?  Did I really even need one?) as the space is smaller in the new living are so a couple book cases had to go.

barSo this seemed the perfect way to utilize the space I had.  Bookcase/bar.

I still have too many books, they’re secretly hidden everywhere.  And apparently, I have too much liquor.  I’m joking, we all know you can never have too much liquor.

As I look at the picture above, I realize while you can always have too many copies of Twilight, you can never have too many bottles of Maker’s.


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