DIY…Versailles Mirror

Like I’ve  aforementioned somewhere in this blog (I believe I was spray painting something or another), give me a glass of prosecco, a can of spray paint and a glue gun…get out of my way.

 spray paint mirror final


Final product.

I have been sloooowly trying to update the second bedroom but with little luck.  I’ve been “busy”, but this was a nice start.

My mom offered me an old mirror she had above her mail table and I had originally thought it was too traditional aesthetically for our place, which is extremely contemporary.  It just needed a little updating.

spray paint mirror

I texted this pic to my friend who thought I was making a giant fashion collage.  Seeing as she was patio drinking I ignored that comment and informed her this was a serious art project.

So I went outside and hosed down the mirror in gold.  Similar to pieces I saw at Versailles.  Just kidding, this was better.

spray paint mirror 2


It’a amazing what a $4 can of spray paint and a non-hungover Saturday can do.

I honestly need to move, I live way too close to a Michael’s Craft Store.

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