Good Morning from Tucson…

We arrived at the airport in Tucson to a gorgeous sunny day and 75 degrees.  I have officially left my 40 degree days behind me.

At least for the weekend.


The scenery is gorgeous, mountains every where you turn.

And all the trees seem to have been replaced with cacti.  Lots of them.  I’ve been informed everything in Tucson bites or pricks you.  Oh, and I was given a bobcat warning earlier.



But what’s really gorgeous is what I’m finding at the gem show.  I came with a list (actually I left the list at home, The Boyfriend had to text me pics of it) and I had planned to stick to it.  But then I got here…oh wow.  Everything is AMAZING!

I’m already over budget and I haven’t even looked at my list yet.  I have found so many unique things; antique scarabs from Egypt, made from mud clay and carved with hieroglyphics, some crystal points from Japan and the brightest pink coral I’ve ever seen.

  I don’t ever want to leave…

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