Archetype Me Please…



It’s odd how much information I gleam from Instagram.  I follow Oscar de la Renta’s PR girl (@oscarprgirl) and she had taken the test.    I told my friend in LA to follow her because it’s a constant stream of couture, cocktails, travel and Oscar sketches.

Talk about wanting to swap lives with someone.

Anyways, since Instagram told me to, I took the quiz.  And while I loved the questions, the website is what’s amazing.  Take a quiz, get a personality assessment and then have a website created around your preferences.

I tried to answer all the questions honestly this time.  I think I normally I answer with how I would like to be perceived and end up with an assessment like, ‘ you love baking, children, working hard, working out’ and so on.

To which anyone who has ever met me will say, “interesting…when do I meet that person?”

So I was begrudgingly honest and found I am~

34%- Creative (I can live with that, I’m more of a big picture no details kind of person)

31%- Fashionista (some days)

15%- Intellectual (apparently I’m not terribly bright, everyone else I know ranked in the 40- percentile on that one)

archetypeme 2

The Pinterest inspired website site is really interesting; all books, beauty advice/products, fashion, etcetcetc, cater to my personality traits.

Now I’m off to go buy some sodoku and crosswords puzzles.

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