Graph Paper for the Organized…

Moleskine Journals 2

The ability to multi-task sometimes alludes me.

So I need something within reach to jot down ideas, make sketches, to-do lists, etc, instead of relying on the hope I’ll remember everything later.

I loved my little Moleskine travel journal I bought for Paris so I figured that’s where I would begin my search.

Moleskine Journals

I met a friend at the Starbucks next to the Barnes & Noble so I decided, …two birds one stone.  I dropped in to see what they had, and I had incorrectly assumed everything would be on sale post- Christmas.  I found the only things currently on sale at B&N are ‘Meals under 300 Calories’ or ‘Pilates from Beginners’-esque books targeting the New Year’s dieter.

 But they had my journals in an array of colors and paper choices; I always opt graph paper, makes me feel smarter.

Now let’s just hope this aids in my organization…

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