Learning the Paris Metro…

paris map


I quasi-planned and mapped.  And it quasi-helped.

 Planning is something I normally don’t do when I travel, and if I’m being honest, I rarely like to plan much of anything.  But considering I have a half ignored Rosetta Stone and only a college level understanding of the french language, I didn’t want to leave it all unplanned.




Seeing as I live in Texas, I don’t know much about public transportation.  As I quickly learned in Paris, I actually don’t know much about it at all.  And yes, that is a bottle of wine in my shopping bag.

So day two, after learning on day one that walking in four inch heels is not my ideal means of getting around the city, The Boyfriend and I decided to brave the metro.  It was an intense experience, but then I came across this…

Oh, just a 12 piece orchestra.  The wonders of the world that I have been missing out on.

And now I know how to use the metro…

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