Pantone Please…


A couple months ago when I was in New York I found these Pantone folding chairs and fell in love.  Having a mother that works in interior design and myself working in fashion, I have always loved working with pantone colors.

So imagine my astonishment after dinner last night, when The Boyfriend surprised me with a trip to the Apple Store (not one of my favorite places), and I found this…

Neon pink Pantone iPhone case!

Who knew the Apple Store held such treasure?  So after a 20 minute conversation where I was trying to explain to The Boyfriend what a Pantone color is, he thought this would make our future Apple Store trips more of a pleasure and less like pulling teeth.


Now about these chairs, I’m thinking they would be an amazing replacement to the dining room chairs we currently have.  And they’re only $75, I found them online.

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