Interiors…Portraits & Painting

There is an incredibly talented artist and up & coming interior designer in Brooklyn named Foster Cranz.  Such a great name for someone who will no doubt one day be famous, and she’s also my cousin.

{self portrait, Foster}

She randomly posts pics of some of her pieces on Facebook, Instagram, etc, so when she recently posted a self portrait, I knew I needed one too.  I think we need to start trading jewels for art, which is an arrangement I will be very happy with.


When I finally graduated college and became aware that my home should start reflecting that of an adult, I took 5 or 6 pieces she painted and, to this day, still have them up.

I also had her create this last piece so I can showcase jewelry for advertising for upcoming shows.  It came out amazing.

I am going to hang them in our half bathroom but have been wanting to paint or wall paper the room for some time now.  I shelved my wall paper idea after realizing the custom paper I wanted would be around $3,000 and that I don’t know how to wall paper.  My logic was, since I’m very good at wrapping presents, how hard could it be.  I read a couple articles, apparently it’s significantly harder.

So now that I have established where I’m going to hang them, I just need to paint the room first.

Who new buying art would be so labor intensive…

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