Oh Rosetta Stone…

So let me tell you what is hard.

The Boyfriend bought me this for one of my birthday presents.  It was a hint that someone needs to be the responsible one when we go and actually know the language.

Side story: when I was in college, my mom made me agree that since Fashion Merchandising was my major, I needed to declare something as my minor that I could fall back on.  I guess her point was so I could actually make some money (such as business or something else equally zzzz).  So I actually managed to make it all the way through my junior year without her finding out I was studying French instead (which was not well received) and in the end I had to change last minute to PR/Marketing (also not terribly well received but more so than French) so I could still graduate on time(ish).

I know I wasn’t smarter in college so I honestly feel the french language must have gotten significantly harder in the last couple years.

Maybe traveling is more fun when you just wing it.  Who likes being responsible?

No one.

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