It’s Almost Time…

{pink bicycle with basket}

My adorable friend in LA (who inspired this blog) has one and last time I was in town absolutely fell in love with hers.

{urbanears headphones}

I am slowly going deaf due to my loud music consumption but at least these will make me restrain from subjecting The Boyfriend to anymore Florence + The Machine…

{Neulash, YSL Shocking Mascara & Winks by Georgie refills;}

It just isn’t Christmas without beauty stocking stuffers and this lash survival kit is at the top of my list.  One of my favorite friends recommended Neulash, I love YSL mascaras and I need new lashes, while Neulash makes my current ones grow, so a refill on my Winks…


I always joke about my champagne consumption around this time of year and these are the perfect accessory for celebrating.


And since this is my wish list, it would’t be complete without a mention of Valentino.  It’s time to start buying for Spring and to get the season started I am positive that I need this adorable pink trim dress.

Every year I always add Valentino to the wish list but haven’t received it yet.

I don’t think Santa is listening…

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