Beauty…Wine Lips

lip tar


I decided since I like wine passing through my lips so much, I would give wine on my lips a try for the holidays.

I wanted to buy Tom Ford’s Violet Fatale, a gogeous deep wine color, but for something I might try three or four times, $48 seemed a little steep.

wine lip color

Instead I ordered the lip tar holiday collection at Sephora and am in love, especially since it was only $20.

The colors are amazing, so highly pigmented.  And it covers all my bases~ hot pink, a neutral red and easy nude.

So on date night tonight, I will wear and drink my wine.   And not in the unfortunate way I wore it in my favorite Theory sweater before I had to get rid of it.  A bit of a pinot noir accident.  Sigh…

Life as a Blonde…

When I decided to go platinum, I sat down with my hairdresser and he asked if I was going through an early mid-life crisis/late quarter-life crisis.

hair- blonde

Who knows.

But it’s an interesting new chapter in my life.  Immediately after coloring my hair, it might have been a chapter I was wishing I had left un-read.  But now, at week four, I love it.

It was time for  a change.  This is also the first time I’ve had short hair for six years.  Even though it’s been four weeks, I still reach to flip my ghost hair over my shoulder.  Not there I have to keep reminding myself.

hair- blonde 2

I know I’ll look back at pictures when I’m 50, laugh and think, ‘well at least I did it.’  But in the meantime, it’s been an adjustment.  I currently still look at pictures and think, ‘who in the hell is that…’.


But I will say, before I was counting down the days til my whole30 diet was over and cocktails will be served.  Now I also countdown days til my next hair appointment.  I can’t tell now which is taking up more brain energy at this point but at least I finally have something to take away from the fact I have five more days til I can have a glass(es) of wine.

In the meantime, instead of enjoying mimosas or an amazing rosé champagne, I will have a kombucha and de-caff at Brewed.

Five days.  Or 31, depending on which countdown I am currently focusing on.

New Faves…Colette Malouf

Colette Malouf

Hair accessories are my ultimate guilty pleasure.

I say that, but then think back to the money spent on mascaras, vintage caplets, Louboutins, mid century cocktail glasses (honestly the list is endless…), that I realize this is only one of my many guilty pleasures.  Oh, and wine.  Love wine.

colette malouf- 2

So after undergoing a hair coloring overhaul recently, I decided it was time to stock up.  I’ve been a fan of Colette Malouf since, well forever, and had ordered a couple pies from their Fall 13 Collection.

Now, about that wine…

Hey Blondie…

platinum 2

The idea was planted in my head when I was in high school.

My mother, a brownie like me (or the old me I have to keep reminding myself), told me when she was in college she had a ‘mishap’ with a hair frosting cap and had to go blond all over.


Well, that was the 60’s so I was hoping the bleaching process has improved and been updated since then.  As I learned after having my hair lightening for 16 hours total, it might have but not by much.


So two days, 9 inches and 50 shades later, I’m platinum.   And while it’s still kind of jarring in the morning when I glance in the mirror to wash my face, it’s growing on me.

But that said, any suggestions on a great conditioner?

Beauty…Red Lips


Tonight is date night and I’m feeling like red.

red lips

I’ve been scouring Sephora for the perfect red lip stain.

I tried on what felt like hundreds (which wasn’t ideal since they each take like an entire box of tissues to scrub off my lips), but a friend gave me a tube of Stila and I’m in love.   And it comes off easily with eye makeup remover.

Date Night here I come…


Beauty How To…Mascara…

I am an absolute junkie for mascaras.

I don’t like to wear much makeup but I love playing with new ways to make my lashes stand out.  Be it faux lashes (love my Winks by Georgie), serums (swear by Revitalash) and the four tubes of mascara I have rotating in and out of my daily routine, I have an addiction.

I am also a huge fan of The Beauty Department website, all their how-tos, tips and videos are amazing, and most of all, helpful.

This one was my fave ‘How To’…

how to mascara



Perfect tutorial before date night tonight.

Summer Hair…




When I’m feeling a little lazy and just want to throw my hair up on top of my head, I love a ballet bun.  But sometimes, they’re a little too polished looking, a little too ‘librarian-esque,’ for my tastes.

I came across this super easy messy bun on Pinterest.  Perfect to fight the Texas heat while still looking a little polished.  But not too much…

Mental Health Day…Sephora

Every once in a while I need a mental health day.

I was thinking that as I get older my need for one would be fewer and farther between, but as I’m beginning to notice I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Instead I find myself in the middle of Kansas, standing in a shopping center in 100 degree heat asking myself, “what in the hell am I doing here?” (not existentially but more in the literal sense).   As you can see, my work trip ended up not terribly successful and I wasn’t taking it well.

So with the sun blazing in my face and dread washing over me as the thoughts of a seven hour drive ahead of me rattled around my head, I had an epiphany.

I was standing in front of a Sephora. It would be a good day after all.


false lashes


Once I realized I already had a seven hour drive ahead of me, I figured, honestly whats another hour?   So I took my time and bought completely unnecessary and absolutely essential beauty products.  Self tanner?  Of course.  Various hues of pink bobby pins?  Not a second thought.  But most needed were some new mink lashes.  Lashes are always an unnecessary essential.

So beginning hour two in Sephora I remembered I needed new perfume.  I’ve always been an ardent wearer of Coco Mademoiselle, basically since I began wearing perfume.  I have purse spray, travel spray, parfum, eau de toilette, etc; I am ready for any occasion I might need to smell gorgeous.

But standing in front of hundreds of bottles of perfume I realized I was completely out.  Where had my zealotry over Coco Mademoiselle gone?  I think it was my subconscious telling me something.

Tom Ford- Violet Blonde

It was at that pivotal point in Wichita, Kansas, I realized it was time for a change.

It was an odd disconnect with who I had been before, a girl who hates change and resigned herself to the same perfume for eternity, and  a new me trying to come to the forefront.  I brazenly stepped forward to accept the change (‘brazenly’ after debating in my head for 20 minutes)  and bought ‘Violet Blonde’ by Tom Ford.

But apparently, as The Boyfriend pointed out this morning, the new me smells like old ladies and baby powder.  Oh, change.  It isn’t always for the best.


DIY…Floral Headbands

While The Boyfriend was away, I got some of my girlier to-dos checked off my list.  So I enlisted the help of my mom.

Step one, open a bottle of prosecco.


 I didn’t actually didn’t know how to make a floral headband but when you have a glue gun and some prosecco, I have found anything is possible.

floral headband

I decided on cherry blossoms and an accent of some brighter pink.

On the bright side, for $10 I now have enough faux-flowers for a lifetime of floral headbands.

floral headband-3

I made a base of rattan, interwoven and bended into a crown shape.

floral headband- me

Used my glue gun to add flowers and voila!

floral headbands-all

I made a couple different styles for the various occasions when one needs to wear a floral head crown.

For example, tonight I will be wearing the crown as The Boyfriend and I catch up on Game of Thrones.

Next DIY, chevron wall art.  It was a busy weekend…