wine wins every time…

I came across this pic, posted by Vogue (originally posted by Poppy Delevingne) as one of the top 10 instagrams of the summer.

LM Fernandez 3

I rarely disagree with anything Vogue tells me.

I heart everything about this photo; the neon pink bougainvillea, the Charlotte Olympia kitty clutch, but most of all, the swim suit.

LM Fernandez

I did some instagram stalking and found the Lisa Marie Fernandez website.  For $450, this little gem could be yours.  

Spending $450 on a swim suit (I would wear twice) would eat too much into my wine budget.  As I’m getting more responsible with age, I realize it’s important to prioritize.        

my life, slightly more organized…

Normally it’s around the New Year when I think to myself, ‘wow, I really need to get it together‘, but in 2015 I’m running a little late.  I had my birthday last week and it left me with the overwhelming feeling to get myself organized.

The Boyfriend inquired if there was anything I was going to do differently this year.

My first thought: God I hope so.

My second thought: probably not…

organizers 2

I didn’t realize it was common to analyze and assess your life January 1st, then re-assess around your birthday.  That’s a lot of self-reflection.  I’m more of a skim the surface type of girl; these waters only run so deep.

But I have several projects coming up that I’ve been working on and can always be more organized (understatement).  The Boyfriend is always giving me a hard time about not knowing what day it is, so I think giving me a Day Designer for my birthday was a subtle hit.

organizer day designerBut I love it, and now I know what day it is.  Today’s Friday (don’t give me any credit though, everyone always instinctively knows when it’s Friday).

organizer sugarpaperlaAnd I’ve been working on a side project in floral design and have papers, drawings and general ‘stuff’ everywhere.  So I got the ‘Perfect Binder‘ from Sugar Paper- LA and am obsessed.  All my ‘stuff’ in one place.  It’s a revolutionary concept.

Unfortunately the binder doesn’t help with all the flowers currently taking over our house.  The Boyfriend asked what I’m going to do with all the hydrangeas everywhere.

I know what day it is and he knows what hydrangeas are.  Who would have thought…



christmas came early…

My life will never be the same.

Brilliantly, I decided to do my Christmas shopping earlier than Christmas Eve this year.  I’m currently working on trying to reduce the amount of stress in my life.  Baby steps.

I asked each family member for a list, so while perusing the internets for waders for the fly fisherman in my life (lesson learned, don’t ask people what they want) I found a 20% off coupon for a Keurig.

IMG_0406So happy early Christmas to me.  Except for the fact I’m pretty sure my general contractor threw my old one away (I need to keep closer eye on him).

Now back to looking at waders online.

After which I’m headed over to my contractor’s house to throw away his coffee maker.


to my never ending summer…

Thank goodness I moved to New Orleans because I think summer ends in mid December.  That’s about when the temperature drops to around a cool 65.

hammock- pinkBut in the warmer, sunnier meantime, I found the perfect backyard accessory.

Handmade in Nicaragua, these hammocks are hand crafted by a family who have been doing this for decades.

hammock- purp

{TCU hammock}

hammock- white

Hammocks make me nervous, like a dog on an elevator type situation.  A little too gravity defying for my tastes.  There’s always a concern about a hammock suddenly deciding to drop me to the hard ground.

But these woven, 100% cotton styles can each hold up to 450 pounds or three people (sounds like three pretty large people sitting in a hammock together).

So my fear has been abated.

sleepie nico

So maybe I can finally get this guy to stop jumping up on the bed and jump on a hammock.  Fortunately he’s only 40 pounds, so he and I can invite 10 of our friends to join us for cocktails on our new hammock.  Maybe we’ll invite President Kitty if everyone is feeling amicable.

Oh and they’re only $45-80.  I’ve been looking for a new dining room table, so maybe this could be a cheaper seating alternative to the mid-century modern chairs I’ve been eyeing.

I’m thinking pink.  Obviously.

Maria Hammocks


Stella McCartney Knickers



I have been having the overwhelming desire to upgrade my lingerie drawer.

And while on this search (on the slightly less sexy side), I found day of the week knickers by Stella McCartney at Net-A-Porter.

A Need of Neons…

zara- neon

{zara ~ neon pink tote, $50}

After going blonde, I tried to minimize my intake of bright colors.  I started to notice I can look a little barbie doll-esque, what with the neon pink dresses and bright sandals.  A look I wouldn’t hesitate to wear with my former brunette locks.

YSL- neon

So I decided baby steps might be the right approach.

{yves saint laurent- baby sac du jour, $2,200}

lulu guinness- neon

{lulu guinness- perspex lip clutch, $390}

It started earlier in the year with a pair of bubblegum pink suede wedges.  I live in Texas (us ladies love us some bright colors) so not pairing those with another intensely hued dress has been hard.  Very hard.

But last week I went shopping to relieve a bad mood (probably not the best behavior, but honestly who cares, it was needed) and almost bought a pair of neon pink Charlotte Olympia terry wedges.  Justifying two pair of neon pink wedges is hard.  Again, very hard.

I seriously need someone to monitor my extra-curricular activities.

 rebecca minkoff- neon

{rebecca minkoff- mab mini tote, $190}

Anyways, I’m now thinking in the direction of neon purses.  I’ll have to work on reining in my desire to wear with all my other colorful pieces since my end-goal is not to blind people.

And as The Boyfriend informed me when I bought my last little neon pink cross body (forgot about that little gem sitting in my closet never worn…), ‘a little neon goes a long way.’

Well, he’s an attorney not a stylist so he can keep his opinions to himself.

Traveling Around…

In terms of travel, I’m gone almost every week.  I travel extensively for work, and when not working I love to travel often as well.

But interestingly enough, working in fashion does not mean I travel stylishly.

Kate Spade Streamline Luggage

{kate spade collection by steamline}

I have the obligatory college-grad John Hart set, that unfortunately, has no wheels.  Which The Boyfriend addressed several years ago on a trip to Vegas, informing me that if I ever flew with it again he would dump me.  I can’t help it, I’m a terrible packer.  I was going to Vegas, doesn’t everyone pack 30 dresses for a 4 day stay?

Kate Spade Steamline Luggage 2

Then came the functional looking set from my mom, with wheels I might add.  Thank god because I often travel alone and now realize why duffles aren’t for the upper-body strength challenged.  One large suitcase, one medium and a little carry on.  These have stood the test of time but, over the years, I’ve noticed about 40% of people have the airport have the same set.

That makes twice now I’ve left the airport with someone else’s luggage.  One time, not that long ago, I got in from NY around midnight and The Boyfriend picked me up (albeit begrudgingly), and I left with someone else’s bag.  I didn’t realize ’til 1 am when the airport called and he had to drive me back out there to swap bags.  Needless to say, he hates this travel set too.

Kate Spade Steamline 3

But with an upcoming trip to the St. Thomas hanging over my head (luggage-wise and dieting-wise), I have been looking into better travel options.  Maybe it’s time to finally upgrade into something a little more colorful and signature to my tastes.

The Kate Spade collection by Steamline.  Retro-glamour.  With wheels.

My New Fave Accessory…Flash Tattoos

I love a great tattoo (on someone else).

For me, I need mine a little less permanent.

flash tattoos 2

These gorgeous temporary pieces by Flash Tattoos are my most favoritest accessory I’ve found in a loooong time.  Lasts 4-6 days and you get four sheets of designs for around $20.

flash tatoos

They’re perfect for an upcoming island trip with friends to St. Thomas next month.

Since I’m flying Spirit (after promising myself “never again” twice) I need to pack light.  And being a jewelry designer, that can get impossibly hard.

I think for Mardi Gras I packed 37 bangles and never ended up wearing any; they clashed with my beads.

Flash Tattoo 3So this gives me a little luxe-boho without having to overpack (impossible!).

That means with the extra room I save on jewelry, I can pack extra headbands.