Happy Cinco de Mayo…

May Necklace{www.melizabethdesigns.com}

I’m feeling a little festive and today seems like a prime opportunity to add a little color.

margaritas- cinco de mayo

And after arriving back from a vacation full of rum punches and piña coladas, I return to Texas to find it’s time for margaritas.

The Boyfriend is in New Orleans so I guess I’ll be making margaritas for one later.

Which is probably for the best, tequila makes me a little feisty…

valentine’s day essentials…


All I really want for Valentine’s is someone to rub my shoulders and a bottle of wine.

But here are some other gorgeous little necessities for the big day.


Normally, The Boyfriend and I are rather anti- NYE & Valentine’s Day.  A couple of my least favorite things usually happen on these holidays~ crowds, waiting and prix-fixe menus, just to name a couple.  Especially prix-fixe menus.

Waaay to picky for that nonsense.


{ban.do bobbi pins from Anthro}

But this year, I had a change of heart; cocktails and dinner can’t be too bad.  Although I haven’t tried to make reservations yet, so maybe I’m being a little optimistic.

But my hair will look good while we wait; I’m thinking messy bun.

After an hour or so of cocktails and waiting for a table, “messy” will be inevitable.  I’d rather start with “artfully messy” than end with “cocktail messy.”

Champagne, Lace & Rhinestones…

The Boyfriend and I aren’t big NYE plans people.  I guess we aren’t big ‘planners’ in general but this year, we have a lot of celebrate so we decided to go out on the town.

tracy reese bib

{tracy reese peter pan collar}

After a discussion with my stylish friend in Los Angeles, I was informed I needed to wear something “sparkly.”  Apparently I am a little rusty when it comes to all things NYE.

So I went through the archives and found one of my favorite accessories, my silk and rhinestone, beaded collar.  Very NYE-ie.   Paired with a lace slip and pumps, I was ready to celebrate.

bib collar

Off we headed to a small BYOB italian place around the corner with some wine we bottled in Napa.

Oh, and some champagne.  It was a celebration after all.

In the New Year…

new years


{kate spade planner and coin purse}

I always have lofty goals in the new year.  Some come to fruition.  Most don’t.

So this year, all I have in mind is to have a great and eventful year.   I have a new planner and a champagne wallet and we are ready to go places.

The Boyfriend and I have decided on more travel and to be more adventurous.  I won’t let experiences pass me by this year.

Here’s to a good one…

Oh Christmas Tree…

tree star


This was my first year to have my own tree.  And the thing about buying my own tree is that I can decorate it however I want.

Pink glitter?  Oh, absolutely.

christmas tree


Parties & Flowers…

After a long week of traveling and hotel rooms, it was nice to be home.

Although that only gave me 12 hours to plan a party for 60 that was taking place in our home Friday evening at 6.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, I’m what people common refer to as a “procrastinator.”  So around 11 I start making magic happen.  Stressful magic.



For me, the most important factor of a party is the flowers.  And the bar.  But aesthetically the flowers.

So I started with a little baby orchid on the mail table when you walk in…


gorgeously abundant hydrangeas in the living room (I loved the contrast of the vase with the white flowers)…


a spray of white tulips and budding magenta peonies in the dining room…

orchid & barley

and a huge potted white orchid & puggle (photo-bomb) to greet people as they come in.

peonies & tulips

As for procrastinating, I think it makes my brain work faster.  That and I’ll just offer you an extra large glass of wine so you won’t notice I forgot to buy napkins…