Now Hear This…Lorde

lorde- royals

While my best friend in LA can consistently be the supplier of bad ideas, occasionally she has a brilliant one.  Think like, needle/haystack or diamond/rough example.

And this is one of her best, she sent me the link to this yesterday and I’ve been listening to it on repeat.

Click here to hear Lorde’s cover of ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon.  Better than the original…

Girls & Icona Pop…I Love It


First of all, the show is amazing.  Sunday, I laughed so hard I actually cried.

I’m normally not a TV person, what with The Boyfriend having Ancient Aliens on an almost continual loop, but I’m obsessed with this show.  It’s gritty, realistic but absurd and absolutely hilarious.  Leah Dunham, who created, writes and stars in it, is a genius.

Oh my god, and the music…

New favorite song, Icona Pop~ I Don’t Care.


I Must Own all of These…

Let me begin by saying I have an obsession with rose gold.  My new jewelry collection for Spring/Summer 2013 can attest to this.

Combine this with another obsession of mine, music, and I am in heaven.


frends headphones- rose gold


I love my Urbanears.  Love.  But these…well, these are little works of art for your ears.

And I guess that explains the price tag, $125, $195 & $255.  Ouch.

So in the meantime, I will start saving (and my birthday is coming up, kind of) but I do need all of these.  Large for airplanes/travel, medium for when working on my laptop (and blocking out The Boyfriend, Nico the Husky and President Kitty) and small for everyday.

Rose gold and white leather.  I’m in headphone heaven…

Now Hear This…Vampire Weekend

A girl I used to work with loved this band but I was always on the fence.  It’s been playing on my Pandora lately and I think I’m finally starting to come around.

‘Oxford Comma’ by Vampire Weekend

It’s a several years old but still significantly better than anything out lately.

Now Hear This…

Stevie Nicks cover ‘You Can Go Your Own Way’ by Lissie.

I told my best friend in LA to download this song but after learning I had just seen the new Twilight movie she was questioning my tastes.  So here is my shot at redemption.

It’s amazing…